Michael Pereira

Writer/ Producer/ Director

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Michael directed his first film at the age of 13 with a Kodak 8mm film camera. Twenty years later, the equipment may have changed, but his passion remains the same. A lover of classic 80s genre flicks like Ghostbusters, Monster Squad and Escape from New York, Michael continues to make films in the same vein as those he watched growing up. Mike is currently working on his latest Horror film Zandavi Lives which will be premiere in March 2018.

Follow Michael on Twitter - @mikepereira21

Craig Lobo

Writer/ Producer/ Director

Since landing his first job as a video store clerk at age fifteen, Craig Lobo has never had a job not directly related to film. Twelve years later his passion has lead him from watching to making movies. Known for dark, suspense driven storytelling the writer/ director is currently in post production for Dangerous Rumors (Releasing 2018) and will begin production on his fourth film 'The Hit List' in May 2018.

Follow Craig on Instagram - @craig_lobo_07