PRE - PRODUCTION - (FEB 7, 2015) 

Our Production designer Ryan Zammit works hard to put the finishing touches on the big set-piece for Deathbox.

PRE - PRODUCTION - (FEB 25, 2015) 

A FB post with his two lead actors Tim McCarthy and Ian Dyck.

"A laugh-packed DEATHBOX rehearsal. I'm blessed to have these two terrific actors bringing my material to life. Just a week and a half till the shoot!" - MP


FILMING - (MARCH 8, 2015)  

Our "Legendary" director Michael Pereira leads his team of misfits on the set of his new horror/ comedy Deathbox.

FILMING - (MARCH 9, 2015) 

On set with our hardworking sound recordists Chris King - going on 36 hours without sleep and still smiling. 



In his third collaboration with sound designer Brad Tigwell - our director shares Instagram post on the post audio mix of his film.

"Brad killing it yet again on the Deathbox audio session!" - MP


Working with Ian Dyck - an excited Michael Pereira shares on our FB page.

"DEATHBOX ADR session! Our short is in its final stages of completion.We can't wait to share it with you all!" - MP


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